Triple dog Irish whiskey

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MODERN HISTORY, a real Irish whiskey uniquely different from all those stodgy, traditional whiskeys leaves Ireland. Bold, creative and one of a kind, Triple Dog is born of O’Shevlin’s original recipe, perfectedusing both traditional and non-traditional distillation techniques. The result will surprise and delight the most discerning , as well as the new whiskey palates of the millennial age, with its re-imagined taste profile. As legacy brands cling to the past, Triple Dog is ushering in the future, redefining what Irish whiskey should be.

the story

behind triple dog

ON A BRISK AND FATEFUL EVENING in Dublin, 2016, a group of Irish whiskey makers presented our founder, Daniel Patrick O’Shevlin, with what quickly escalated to the pinnacle of pub challenges: the “Triple Dog Dare.” Could Dan—a full-time whiskey aficionado and part-time biochemist—create a new breed of Irish whiskey, something distinctive and exceptional for the next generation of whiskey enthusiasts?

Armed with only his great-grandfather Phillip Joseph O’Shevlin’s original 1916 formula, and the dogged determination of
generations of O’Shevlins, Dan took the dare. The result is our Triple Dog Irish Whiskey, a genuine Irish spirit that
will surprise the most discerning of whiskey palates, with its creme brûlée front-end notes and defined citrus finish. A deliciously unique and exciting proprietary blend, it’s one that’s sure to impress—from the old guard to the next generation of Irish Whiskey lovers.