Alkkemist is made in Spain and distilled under a full moon, it is a brand that markets itself on secrets. Alkkemist Gin explores new horizons, challenging the established, searching the light. The exact production method hasn’t been disclosed, and there’s very little information out there about the distillery or the exact recipe.

the story

a little about our secret

Made from a triple distilled grain spirit, Alkkemist Gin contains 21 different botanicals, including mint, coriander, citrus peels, fennel, thyme, juniper, chamomile, rose petals, sage, samphire, and Muscat grapes. It is the first Gin in the world to feature Muscat grapes, added at the end of the process for a unique flavor and scent. Leading in innovation, Alkkemist creates a gin with a unique personality, full of tints, making it an unmatched elixir.