The name Primo comes from the etymology “first, original, first in order of time,” from Old French prime and directly from Latin primus “first, the first, first part,” figuratively “chief, principal; excellent, distinguished, noble” (source also of Italian and Spanish Primo). 

the history

behind primo

In the year 1761, a hundred years prior to the birth of Pedro Camarena Ramirez, the Camarena family cofounded the town of Arandas in the region of Los Altos de Jalisco; this family was the first to grow Agave azul in the region of Arandas and change forever the history of this land. 

In the year 1861 Pedro Camarena Ramirez was born. Founder of the first tequila distillery in Arandas and father of a lineage of recognized producers in the industry. 

His distillery was burned down during the Mexican Revolution and what only remains is the tahona stone that stands proudly on El Pandillo. 

Primo 1861 is a tribute to his legacy…