saint liberty

Saint Liberty Whiskey recognizes groundbreakers and rebels who have broken barriers during the 1920s. While women obtained the right to vote after nearly a century of protest, the 18th Amendment introduced Prohibition and a ban on all alcohol sales. Saint Liberty honors the Prohibition heroines, including Bertie Brown, Josephine Doody, Mary Curley, and many more.

the story

behind saint liberty

From sourcing the finest craft whiskies from distilleries worldwide and perfecting them by using the same pure water sources in the states of each of the honored women, bootleggers makes Saint Liberty novel. As “An expression of the American mind.” The Founders saw Saint Liberty as the opposite of tyranny. Freedom from dependence on another’s will—the ability to choose one’s way without interference. Launched by Dia Simms, Erin Harris alongside Mark SoRelle, the founder and chief historian of the brand, and Ndamukong Sug of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Saint Liberty’s mission is to create opportunity through honoring pioneering women. 5% of their gross profits go to women’s empowerment, education, and entrepreneurial groups and encourage the next generation of pioneering women.